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Yes, I am aware that these rules might be complicating thing, but it will help speed up combat and leave less “open to interpretation” for one combat to the next for my players. Other GMs can feel free to ignore this if they want to do things differently.

Normally the Unisystem rules for combat are based on how much the GM wants to allow, to simplify this for all parties involved, I’m typing up here how I intend to do combat rounds, namely in regards to multiple actions, as I intend to run much shorter combat rounds (1 or 2 seconds, rather then the possibly 5 seconds)

In either close or ranged combat you may take 2 “Actions”. An action is either an attack, a combat allowable skill check (looking around or trying to spot a hidden attack), or a defense. the second action is at a -2 penalty (or more depending).

Defense: If one of your actions is a defense, it means your reserving the right to defend against any attacks between this action and the next time you may act. You may take as many defense actions as you like, with the usual -2 for each additional defense (including a -2 for your attack action, if using a ranged weapon, as normal, in close combat, you get your first defense at no penalty)

For non-clip based weapons, (revolvers not using a speed loader, most shotguns, and several rifles) you may load a number of rounds equal to your dexterity modifier. Instead, you can make a Difficult dexterity check to “speed load”, making it not count as one of your two “Actions” for a round, but still counts towards taking -2 penalties for additional actions. The downside is that a failure may result in a dropped clip or bullets.

Draw/Ready or Holster/Stow a weapon: Same as reloading, but a failed “Fast Draw” results in a possible dropped or snagged weapon.

Semi-Automatic fire: You may fire up to 3 times with a semi-automatic weapon (Not normally realistic, but again I’m choosing to use “shorter” combat rounds of only a second or two, so as to not bog down gameplay and give it more of a Fallout feel). (If taken as both of your actions, you may take 6 shots, but will not be able to defend against any attacks. Note that all 6 shots count as a single action, suffering only a -1 per shot).

Burst fire: You make one burst as an attack, or use both actions to make two burst shots, with the second one being at a -3.

Full-Auto: Uses only one attack action if firing only a single 10 round group. May use both actions to fire multiple groups (subject to GM approval of firing rate of the weapon).

Multiple Actions

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