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House rules: For every 4 full points of Strength, reduce the encumbrance level of armor by one level (medium becomes light, light becomes none) for the purposes of of endurance loss over time ONLY. (I feel this gives a better Fallout feel as well as don’t want to have to bog down game play with constant endurance tracking or taking on/off armor all the time)
(Remember, costs for armor are for Torso only, double costs to include arms/legs)

Light Armor
Heavy Clothes: d4-1 (1) EV:1/1 $120
Leather Armor: d4 (2) EV:2/1 $200
Leather Armor(Reinforced): d6+1(4) EV: 4/2 $300

Medium Armor (Note: These armors cause Light Encumbrance regardless of current Encumbrance)
Vault Security Armor: d6+7(10) EV: 4/2 $800
Combat Armor: (d6x2)plus 9(15) EV:4/2 $1,400
Combat Armor(Reinforced): (D6x2)plus 14(20) EV:8/4 $1,900
Combat Armor MK2: (d8x2)plus 17 (25) EV:10/5 $2,600
Combat Armor MK2: (d8x3)plus 18(30) $3,200 EV:12/6

Heavy Armor (Note: These armors cause Medium Encumbrance regardless of current Encumbrance)
Metal Armor: d8+9(13) EV:10/5 $400
Metal Armor(Reinforced): d8+13(17) EV:16/8 $600
Power Armor (d8x5)plus 20 (40) $??? EV:16/8

Semi-Door Shield (AV: 20, BV: 35, DC: 175, EV: 40, Shield Bonus +3)


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