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Location: Largo beneath the Largo Medical Center
PipBoy Model: PipBoy 3010a
Vault (population 654)
Multiple levels (10 floors)
Floors (bottom to top):
S10-Maintenance (reactors, waste water, disposal, oxygen recycling)
Chief engineer: Lucas White

S9- “The Ranch” (Pig and chicken farm, one big open floor with UV lights and a dirt floor)
Chief Veterinarian: Dr. Natasha Davis

S8- Hydroponics (Vegetables, Gardening, Air recycling)
Chief Botanist: Dr. Molly Roberts

S6—living quarters (200 rooms per floor)

S4-Services (cooking, cleaning, security),
Kurn- a giant brute. Kind of a bully. People wonder sometimes why he’s not locked up. Some say he shouldn’t since that would be cruel. Works in services as a butcher.
Head of Services: Tobias Fuller

S3-Medical labs (restricted)
Chief of Medical: Dr. Megan Hayes

S2-Recreation (indoor park, eating areas, arcade, etc.)
Morale Officer: Freya Butler

S1-Administration (overseer, communications, planning, exit, etc).
Overseer: Dr. Oliver Woodman
Head of security: Jake Kelly
Communications: monitored by an idiot named Nonce.


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